Enhance your professional life with unlearning – Guest session in The Career Transformation course by Tausief Shaikh

Tausief Shaikh & Chetan Narang on unlearning and its importance in career transformation

Tausief Shaikh is a career coach, who delivers great value to his clients via his various career transformation courses. On Mar 24, 2023, on a late Friday evening, he invited me over as a guest speaker to one of his sessions to talk about the role that unlearning can play in enhancing a person’s professional career.

I obliged, and I have nothing but gratitude for him for giving me the opportunity to reach out to his students and deliver one of my first group talks.

It was a session attended by 100+ students from different walks of life, and the overall energy of the talk turned out to be quite an enlightening one. The QnA session at the final half-hour was amongst the best I have had to be a part of.

Do check out the complete video and leave me with your honest feedbacks.

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