One-on-one with me

I help people simplify their lives so they can make space for things that really matter –
to them, to their loved ones, to all of us. 

Philosophical counselling and mentorship with Chetan Narang to understand life and navigate life in a more mature way

We’re all entangled in our own specific situations, in our very own specific manners.

Untangling, then, is an act tailored to our own specific knots.

I can help you with a map to navigate these curvy roads.

Let’s talk.

Let’s not box this by calling it just another counselling or therapy or coaching.

If anything, this is philosophical mentorship aimed at

a deeper, clearer understanding of Life,

unlearning what’s not worth the candle,

a better internal dialogue,

healthier relationships with self and others, &

whatever else your current life situation demands to be the best you can be.

Philosophical counselling

If you have some persistent questions about Life, religion, philosophy, spirituality and all of that jazz; and you’re looking for honest answers, let’s talk.

Life coaching

If you see your life situation getting the better of you, and you are honestly open to doing the work to come out of it, let’s talk.

Job/Career advice

If you think your work/job/career could use some of my experience and still-headed advice, let’s talk.

Relationship advice

If you seek to have healthier relationships with yourself as well as with others, let’s talk.

Heart-to-heart discussions

If you’ve watched, listened to or read something from me or from any other source, and wish to dig deeper into it with me, to extract the real nectar out of it, let’s talk.

Book a session with me via the scheduler below.

Please note that this is a paid session.
If, for whatever reason, you can not pay, please use the contact page to shoot me an email for a free session.
I grant 100% of these requests, no questions asked.

P.S. I am fluent in both hindi and English.