In conversation with Sparsh Nitin – Icy Tales

Chetan Narang in conversation with Sparsh Nitin for the Icy Tales youtube channel and website

Icy Tales invited me over to be a guest on their YouTube channel, for an interview with Sparsh Nitin.

The interview was a warm and a very easy-going conversation, centred mostly around my work surrounding my podcast, my counselling and life-coaching sessions, etc.

We discussed about how I landed upon teaching spirituality & philosophy on my podcast, and also about what I would like to say to youngsters who might consider this to be an old-school or a primitive subject.

I had a lot of fun talking to Sparsh. It’ll be worth your time too. Do check it out.

If you are a podcast host yourself and wish to invite me over for an episode together, hit me up. I’m always open for honest and engaging conversations.

WATCH the entire conversation on YouTube here

If you prefer reading over watching, you can also read the article on the icy tales website here.