HDFC executive abuses employees in viral video exposing toxic work culture (3 quick thoughts)

People don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses.

Earlier this week, a video went viral showing a senior executive at India’s leading private sector bank HDFC, shouting at and abusing his employees in an online meeting.

The video was recorded by one of the employees present in the meeting, and went viral on LinkedIn where people went absolutely berzerk about the disgusting treatment handed out by the senior executive to his subordinates. Apparently, he was abusing them for not having delivered on their sales targets.

The absolute berating that he was subjecting others to clearly exposed the toxic work environment all of them were under, both the manager and his subordinates.

Now, since then, HDFC has taken a stand and suspended the manager immediately stating a zero tolerance policy against such behavious, but I think there needs to be a little bit more said on the bigger picture, which is why I decided to record a short 1 minute video talking about my 3 quick thoughts on the entire episode.

One thought for the executive in question.
One thought for the senior management at HDFC, people at even higher positions of power.
One thought for you, the viewer.

I titled the video, “I think we are better than this“.

I honestly think we are all meant for something more than this. And that is the point I try to make in this quick video.

Hope it lands.
Until next time.
Peace out.