Being more practical with our own words

Being more practical with words. Quotes, words and misinterpretations. Is "Do what feels right" the right advice?

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authored, with loads of love & thought, by Chetan Narang

This week, at The Unlearning Playground, we are talking about words.

You see, so much of our waking lives revolve around words that we barely get time to think about what is the right relationship to have with our own words.

We interpret everything – all the quotes we read, all the videos we watch, all the podcasts we listen, all the conversations we have, all the social media posts we consume – all of it passes through the mental models engrained in our minds.

The path from these interpretations being just interpretations to them becoming truths should be one we carefully travel, especially when it matters.

You see, it is not these quotes that are limited, it is our interpretations of them that limit the world we see.

In the 14th episode of The Unlearning Playground Podcast, I talk about how quotes, words and our own interpretations of them can limit us and our understanding of our world.

It’s available on all the podcast platforms, and I’m attaching a link below to it anyway for easier access. Of course.

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