Managing Expectations

Use the statistics concept of regression to the mean to improve your people skills | Check out in episode 27 of The Unlearning Playground podcast by Chetan Narang

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authored, with loads of love & thought, by Pranjali Pratik

“Everything in life has its ups and downs”

You must have heard this phrase at least once in your life. From friends, well wishers and elders sharing their wisdom.

This advice is usually offered when we find ourselves at a somewhat low point. The message is clear. What has gone down will inevitably come up. This phrase offers hope, of things getting better, of there being a brighter day.

What gets understandably, but rather conveniently, glossed over is the second part – What goes up must also, inevitably, symmetrically, come down.

Like a Sine Curve.

There are spheres of our lives where we forget to apply this. One example – Expectations.
Expectations of others, expectations of ourselves, expectations of life itself.

In this episode of The Unlearning Playground, we are attempting a fresh take on expectations – how we often set ourselves up for disappointment and how to not lose hope when life sometimes sends us on the downward trending section of the sine curve.

“..there is no light without darkness – and this troubles many of us – but without it, how else would we tell one from the other?

Mark Frost

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