Should India be renamed to Bharat?

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authored, with loads of love & thought, by Chetan Narang

I think this message will have a bit of a “If you didn’t know, now you know” sort of feel to it.

The Indian political atmosphere lit up this past week with a heated debate. I know that’s hardly a surprise. However, the topic this time around was quite along the lines of the stuff we cover at The Unlearning Playground.

I’m talking about the whole India-Bharat name controversy, which sparked off fiery arguments from both sides of the table.

For some context – As the G20 summit concluded in New Delhi, India, dinner invites sent out to guests from the President of the host nation Draupadi Murmu signed her as the President of “Bharat” and not the President of “India”. This is the chief reason why a whole debate has triggered around this topic of renaming the country to Bharat instead of India, and what is the best adjective to put to this course of action – good, bad, useless, invaluable or something else.

And as always happens in debates such as this one, both the sides have such firm arguments and are acting as such torchbearers of the truth that no middleground seems to be reachable.

So, I decided to throw my hat in the ring, and make a well rounded case for the entire issue from a wholesome and contrarian perspective that I find to be missing from our public discourse today – one of understanding and awareness, not ignorance.

The case I build, honestly, is the only solution to the always recurring problem of such divisive topics in our country’s, and also global, politics.

I do think that each of us has a role to play in that solution. And as a wise man once said, “If yours is a great role, play it with grace. If its not, play it with greatness.”

So spend some time with me on this video, and do let me know via the comments section what is your take on the entire issue, as well as on the video.

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That’s about it.
Check out the video, hit me up with your comments and opinions, and I hope to see you in the playground soon.
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“Every generation laughs at the old fashions but follows religiously the new.”

Henry David Thoreau