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authored, with loads of love & thought, by Chetan Narang

All of us are aware of the extreme polarisation our society is functioning under in today’s world. There are camps, and hard-wired cult-like camps at that, which a lot of us are a part of these days.

Be it the hot topic of men vs women or the never-ending debate of left vs right or the ever-so-sensitive issue of Hindus vs Muslims, the division in our society is real. And this is, of course, not just limited to India. This is a worldwide issue.

Even if we do not accept this or act this way consciously all the time, this is true for a lot of us nonetheless.

Let me go out on a limb and claim that a lot of us also have people in our lives we absolutely love, whom we wish to be able to correct at some point in our lives about the extreme opinions they’re subscribed and attached to.

These could be your parents, your partners, your friends, your siblings or even your colleagues. And like it or not, they are all a part of the problem.

Enough about the problem though.

Let’s talk about solutions.

Is there really one?

Or will we always have to live this way, with a feeling of hostility, enmity or bitterness towards some “others”.

Remember, as my friend Rocco Jarman (from Eyes Wide Open Life) keeps reminding us, “We are all someone else’s ‘they’”.

I think there is a solution to this rigamarole.

It involves courage, it involves discipline, it involves the discomfort-growth cycle and it’s definitely worth it.

I talk about this in two recent videos on The Unlearning Playground youtube channel.

Do spend a few minutes of your time there.

I promise it’ll be worth it.

I’ll see you in the playground
Until next time.
Peace out.

“There’s never going to be a peaceful world without peaceful human beings.
It starts with you.”