The Most Important Message for Our Time

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authored, with loads of love & thought, by Chetan Narang

What matters the most today?
What is the biggest challenge of our time?
What is the most important message for our time?

Is there really a one-size-fits-all answer to these questions?

It is my pleasure to tell you that the video I am inviting you towards might well be THE ANSWER!

I know that giving a sweeping statement like “the most important message of our time” seems a bit far fetched or even off-putting, but what if it is actually true? And in this case, it actually is!

What you are about to watch is my discussion with Rocco Jarman, a poet, philosopher and (believe me) one of the most aligned human beings on planet Earth right now. He walks us through the theory of emergence, why it is quintessential for us to understand it and also the consequences of not doing so!

In essence, the messages here are applicable to so many facets of our everyday lives – the meaninglessness we feel somewhere deep down in our hearts, the apathy we show towards others & towards our real desires, the purpose of our lives we so dearly wish to find, etc.

If you trust my intuition, you would not want to miss this!

It is a lengthy video. I agree.
It will have to be watched multiple times. I agree.
You would have more questions by the end of it. I agree.

But it also has the potential to give a deeper meaning & purpose to your life.
And if that isn’t worth your time, I do not know what is.

P.S. Even if you do not get to the end of this video in the first try, please do share it in your community nonetheless – your Whatsapp stories, your Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin etc – please do share this forward with your friends, families & colleagues. It will be worth their time, I promise!

P.P.S. It is my birthday today, so I would consider your shares as your gift to me. I’ve always said that it doesn’t take much to make me happy (ask the wife if you don’t agree!)

That’s about it for now.
I hope to see you in the playground soon.
Until next time.
Peace out.

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

How to find the Purpose of Your Life?

One of the most common themes that emerge in questions that I am asked by my subscribers is the really pressing need to find real purpose & meaning in their lives.

This motivated me to organise the content on The Unlearning Playground to ensure that videos that can help in this regard are easily accessible to anyone who’s ready to step up.

The following playlist resulted. I hope this lands with you too.
And I hope you find it in you to share this with your community too.