In conversation with Sparsh Nitin – The HRE YouTube channel – Podcasts with SN episode #001

Chetan Narang in conversation with Sparsh Nitin for the HRE youtube channel

After our first interview together for The Icy Tales channel, Sparsh Nitin invited me over to his own YouTube channel for a guest episode.

We discussed how the idea of podcasting struck me, how the internet has changed over the years and what would be my best bit of advice to anyone who is looking to step into the journey of becoming a digital creator in today’s times.

The entire conversation had a very chilled out vibe to it, and I loved every bit of it.

I hope you dig it too.

If you are a podcast host yourself and wish to invite me over for an episode together, hit me up. I’m always open for honest and engaging conversations.

WATCH our entire conversation on YouTube here

WATCH our entire conversation on YouTube here