Live and let live, & beyond

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authored, with loads of love & thought, by Chetan Narang

In so many domains of our lives, we practise and preach the philosophy of “live and let live” by default.

A rather unfortunate modern-day example: Seldom do we stop someone who’s smoking a cigarette and try to guide them about the perils of that little stick in their hands.

Now there are situations where this is, without a doubt, the practical thing to do. It’s almost akin to choosing the lesser of two evils in these times.

But herein lies the catch too – When we choose the lesser of two evils, we seem to very quickly forget that we still chose an evil.

Along the same lines, there are various situations in our lives when we need to be the adult in the room and help others see better over worse, if not right over wrong.

This is something that’s very close to the core motivation behind a lot of my work. And I sense that, to anyone who’s willing to step up and be an adult in the true sense, this resonates.

I can recollect at least two of my content pieces that talk about the same idea. Allow me the pleasure to share them here below:

“Love will save us all, and love will not be gentle.”

Sarah Elkhaldy