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authored, with loads of love & thought, by Chetan Narang

This week, at The Unlearning Playground, we are talking about how to go about understanding God – the idea, its misinterpretations and the better ways of understanding it.

There is a very old quote which says, “If we ever hope to glimpse the true nature of the divine, we must unlearn everything we have been taught about god.

A first look at this quote always leads to the interpretation that it is meant for people who are followers of one religion or the other. However, this quote is not just true for theists, or believers. It is also equally true for the atheists, the agnostics and also for the ones who claim to say that they don’t know enough or even care enough to have a foot in the game.

Because no matter which of the above groups you get in touch with, it’s very likely that their idea of God is one of a creator/manager/caretaker/judge of everything and everyone (including us).

Some may differ on whether they agree or disagree with the existence of this creator (atheists vs theists), while some may differ on the way, shape or form it takes (Hindus vs Muslims vs Christians, etc.), but the underlying idea and understanding of God remains the same.

And that is the root of what is the actual problem with religion and spirituality in the modern world. There is a better way to understand it all.

And that is what I talk about in this playlist of my podcast episodes dedicated to the topic.

You can explore the entire playlist on my YouTube channel too from below.

More than anything else, these episodes are focussed on Understanding the idea of God rather than simply believing! Think about that!

Spend some time on it, and if it resonates with you, please do consider sharing it ahead with your community too. I think it’s worth it.

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