Unselfing, letting go of your ego in the modern world

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This week, at The Unlearning Playground, we are building on a new word, or rather a relatively new one – unselfing.

I recently came across this word in a very beautiful and potent article shared by a close friend. And even though I had not heard it ever before, it resonated wholly with so much of what I talk about in my podcast that I just knew it deserved a standalone episode of its own.

So, here it is. In episode 21 of The Unlearning Playground podcast, I talk about Unselfing. There’s something about this prefix, right? “Un”. Seems to give an idea of a burden being shed off – that’s exactly what it is too – unlearning, unselfing.

I think this is a very important conversation that we need to have on the public forum, and I’m pretty sure that if you lend me your ears for 11 minutes, you’d be moved too.

The episode is available on all the podcast platforms, and I’m attaching a link below to it anyway for easier access. Of course.

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