How to think about our frames and narratives – pro life, pro choice, wage gap, abortions

Being more practical with words. Quotes, words and misinterpretations. Is "Do what feels right" the right advice? Learn more at Episode 14 of The Unlearning Playground podcast, by Chetan Narang

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authored, with loads of love & thought, by Chetan Narang

This week, at The Unlearning Playground, we are building on our understanding of human cognitive biases.

But first, let’s refresh. I run this series of episodes where, in each one, I pick up a cognitive bias and walk through an easy explanation of it. It is basically my playlist for critical thinking 101. Have a crack at it here.

And now, for this episode, we have picked up a very easy cognitive bias – The framing effect.

I talk about this bias from the standpoint of everyday life examples, and then build on it using narratives that are actively floating around in our collective consciousness these days. 

If you are at all active on social media, I’m sure you’d have come across these terms lately – abortion rightspro-life vs pro-choice, etc. If you wish to understand how to think about them better, by not falling prey to your own biases, lend me your ears for 20-odd minutes please.

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